We are aware that discrimination can be subtle and not easily identified by those in positions of privilege, but keenly felt by those who are vulnerable because of difference from the dominant group.


As a centre we are very keen to make sure we are accessible and inclusive of difference and diversity. We work with couples and individuals from all backgrounds. People with differing gender orientations, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds work with us.


We have tried to make this website inclusive by visually representing all groups, and welcome feedback on how we can improve further on this.


In terms of the therapy we do with diverse couples, we have mentioned elsewhere on this site that we use Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFCT) as our predominant model. EFCT looks at variations in emotional style and dynamics created from the intersection of those styles, which is not tied to gender. This therefore enables our work to be inclusive and validating for diverse couples.


We also bring our personal values and integrity to our work, and we think it is fair to say that everyone at our centre personally values respect and inclusivity as a matter of course.


For clients who feel unable to be open about their relationships, we offer online therapy which can be ultra-discreet rather than face to face appointments.