You, Me & Us,
Relationship Counselling & Mediation Centre

Hello, I’m Janine Moran, a highly committed Mediator and Relationship Counselling Professional and director of You, Me & Us – a centre for excellence in relationship counselling and mediation in Canberra.


Loving relationships impact greatly on our ability to thrive and survive. When our relationships start to struggle or breakdown, we feel isolated – we are in pain. If you are feeling frustrated, uncared for, tired, angry, alone, panicky or even fearful for your future, you need to take action and get help. It can be almost impossible to fix mis-attunement between you and your partner without an outside, neutral person to help you navigate your issues.


Against all advice to “keep things brief”, our website is full of information on all aspects of relationship struggle. So, even if engaging with one of us isn’t an option for you right now, it is our sincere intention that you can benefit from our expertise as your read through the site.

How Can We Help?

Do you feel like the same problems keep coming up over and over again in your marriage?


Do you find yourself feeling alone even though you’re in a relationship?


Have you ended a relationship and find yourself battling with your ex-partner?


Or are you struggling to get over a breakup, feeling in pain, angry or hopeless?

To feel loved, appreciated, safe and connected – isn’t that what we all want? And if we’re no longer in love, don’t we still want our ex to value us, respect our opinion and act honourably? The focus of our centre is to find creative ways to help couples really understand each other through effective relationship counselling, separation discerning, mediation and break-up support. We also see individuals who are looking for high quality counselling that will support, and not undermine, their ongoing relationships.


As therapists, we share a common way of being with clients that brings out the natural personality traits we all hold that brought us to this kind of work. It would be true to say that we’re all gentle, caring and empathetic people. We might have slight differences in the way that we are, but in common we find we are down to earth, and share a sense of humour to keep things real. We will listen to you sensitively and compassionately, in whatever emotional state you are in, for as long as it takes, until you feel heard and understood.


If you’re in a relationship – we will show you proven techniques for solving the never-ending cycle of conflict, or the feeling that you’ll never be good enough for your partner or that they will never put your needs first. Our practitioners are dedicated to helping you discover that it is possible to regain the connection you once felt with your partner.


If one of you is ready to leave, we will use discernment techniques designed to help you both examine if separation is the best step forwards. We need to help you create breathing space that lets you both get on the same page.


If you’re already separated, we offer mediation to help you finalise your time together in a constructive way and help you both to feel empowered as you move forward. The centre can also provide counselling for those finding a break-up too overwhelming, or who need support through the family law process.


Contact us if you would like an appointment in Canberra or read more about our services below.

Relationship Workshops & Intensives

Relationship Counselling workshops or intensives you the opportunity to get away from the pressures of home or work and give you real time to focus on your relationship. Counselling work that might be spread out over months can be concentrated in an intensive and progress can be really lovely to see. However, intensives are not for everyone or all cases – some couples require weekly contact to help hold their conflict until it can de-escalate. In either case, our educational relationship workshops are a great place to start, responses from the most reluctant workshop participants “I had to be literally dragged here” are incredibly positive.

Separated and needing mediation?

When a relationship has ended amicably, dividing up assets or deciding living arrangements for children…

Need relationship counselling?

If relationships were easy, divorce and separation wouldn’t exist. We would all stay endlessly happy and in love. The reality is….

Struggling with separation?

You might need help deciding if you should separate, or emotionally coping with after separation or in surviving your family law experience…

How are we different?

We may not be vastly different from some other counsellors or mediators – there are a considerable number of beautiful and talented therapists in this profession. We’ve worked with them, trained with them and are always in awe of their skill and dedication. This is an industry of compassionate and caring individuals, often giving up considerable amounts of personal time to try and become better and better at helping people.


Where we differ to many others, however, is that we specialise in relationships from every angle. It’s all we do. Our centre offers counselling and mediation – we work with couples pre and post separation. We work with grief after separation. We work in discernment – with couples where one or both might feel that they are ready to leave a relationship. Here they need help in trying to discern if staying in the relationship is a viable possibility. So, relationship work is all we do at the centre, and I believe that means we are able to give you targeted understanding and support.

Given that counselling is expensive, we believe that we represent good value. Our therapists are trained in the world’s leading techniques in relationship counselling including Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, John and Julie’s Gottman’s Gottman Therapy and various other evidence-based modalities. We have toolboxes full of the latest and proven techniques to give your relationship the best chance or help you end a relationship with dignity and compassion for each other. Our 75 minutes sessions are longer than average, which allows more time to really explore once we start going deeper.


We’re the first and only group of practitioners in Canberra who place Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples as a priority in our clinical approach, which is proven to be the world’s most effective form of couple therapy. We understand how relationships work, we see both common and unique themes in our centre every day. We are highly motivated to help you.

A Note About Diversity

We are aware that discrimination can be subtle and not easily identified by those in positions of privilege, but keenly felt by those who are vulnerable because of difference from the dominant group. As a centre we are very keen to make sure we are accessible and inclusive of difference and diversity. We work with couples and individuals from all backgrounds. People with differing gender orientations, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds work with us. We have tried to make this website inclusive by visually representing all groups, and welcome feedback on how we can improve further on this


We are committed to being inclusive.

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Online Therapy

We offer couple counselling to remote clients via online platforms.

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